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My Gay Eye n°20 - Uncensored (Mein schwules Auge)


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Bilingual: German/English

The German anthology My Gay Eye I Mein schwules Auge has been published once a year since 2003. The works by over 500 international artists and authors have been featured, opening up many surprising new perspectives beyond the western gay way of life.

With the anniversary theme, „Uncensored“, “My Gay Eye” challenges the restrictions we increasingly encounter on social media platforms. We echo the words of Edmund White, the grand seigneur of gay literature, during an interview with Slava Mogutin:

I’m more attracted to what’s below the belt than to what’s above the shirt collar.


400 Seiten mit Arbeiten von über 80 internationalen Künstlern • 400 pages with works by more than
80 international artists, among them Johnny Abbate, Henning von Berg, Sabatino Cersosimo, Norbert Bisky, Male Shibari, Slava Mogutin, Josef Wolfgang Ohlert, Ohm Phanphiroj, Sal Salandra, Peter Schmid,
Stanley Stellar, Wolfgang Tillmans, Tom of Finland
und viele andere • and many more.

Exklusive Textbeiträge von • exclusive texts by Michael Ampersant, Jan Gympel, Thomas Luthardt, Brane Mozetič, Felice Picano, Steven Reigns, Jens Rosteck, Michael Sollorz, Edmund White und anderen • and more.

• Ed.  Rinaldo Hopf and Fedya Ili


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