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Une revue de photos et d'interviews (en anglais), qui à chaque numéro fait un focus sur une ville, et part à la rencontre des mecs gay pour des portraits intimes.


This issue was made in San Francisco, arguably the world's most legendary gay city, which at last gets the Elska treatment. That means introducing a cross-section of ordinary guys from this city's diverse LGBTQ community and presenting them through a combination of honest, intimate photography and personal storytelling. Whatever you know or think you know about queer life in San Francisco, here you'll get a taste of what SF gays are really like and what living here is all about.

Inside ‘Elska San Francisco’ you'll meet eleven local boys, shot in their neighbourhoods and in their own homes, dressed in their own style and sometimes not dressed at all. Some of the men you'll meet include:

Adam N, who talks about what led him to restart his life in San Francisco and why it was the best decision he ever made;

Kevin L, who reveals a history of his San Francisco life through listing off all the ‘firsts' he experienced there;

E C R, who takes us along on a journey of the excitement of new love, including private jets, blackjack in Vegas, and hotel bed luxuriating;

Victor T, who opens up about his feelings regarding getting older, and whether the intense nostalgia for his past life is spoiling his ability to enjoy his ostensibly content current life;

Jake T, who describes a typical day out experiencing one of San Francisco’s many queer festivals, revealing how what would be unacceptable anywhere else is practically normal here

‘Elska San Francisco’ features eleven chapters, dedicated to the following local participants: Adam N, Tal M, E C R, Kramer E, Victor T, Jessie F, Art S, Kevin L, Zee L, Scotty S, and Jake T.